Why do you insist on charging more than your competitors?

You will find that I charge higher premiums for my belly dance services due to the experience and reputation I’ve been able to acquire during my career. I belly dance full-time and I spend hours developing my skills and figuring out new ways to inspire audiences and students. A considerable percentage of the funds that I receive have to be invested in exclusive clothing, high definition videos, business and accountancy fees; and let’s not forget – spiralling transport costs. In order to perform at my best it is my duty to ensure that I’m operating in the correct environment.

Do you charge more to perform outside London?

I’m currently based in London… Train tickets to cities outside London from within London in most cases are considerably more expensive than ordinary London Underground and Overground tickets. Please note that I may have to make changes to my work schedule in order to prioritise events abroad or outside London.

Can you please explain to me what costumes you’ll perhaps wear at my event?

I wear modern / traditional belly dance clothing. Some of my clothes can be a bit more revealing than others, not in an exotic sense, but in a fashionable sense. I’ve been asked to dance at weddings, night clubs, birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs and in theatres. In reality, clients contact me and explain in detail the nature of their events – and in conversation it usually becomes apparent what clothes I must wear or which are suitable for specified occasions.

There are many different belly dance techniques and styles… Can you specify your favourites and what you are great at?

I find Egyptian, Iraqi, Khaleeji and Brazilian belly dance styles attractive and interesting. I spend vast amounts of time mastering my belly dance skills with these styles in mind. You will notice that I’ve danced with sticks, swords, wings and veils. If you haven’t seen my belly dance videos already, please access my Youtube channel. I think my viewers are better equipped to decide what I’m great at, average at or not great at.

Where are you originally from?

I was born in Brazil and had lived in Brazil for a number of years, however, I currently reside in London (United Kingdom). Concerning belly dance; I’ve applied my trade in many Western, Middle Eastern, African and Asian countries. I’ve also been taught by famous belly dancers in the UK and abroad. I’d like to think that I’m quite cosmopolitan.