About Me


My career as a professional dancer started in Brazil, 1998. There I entertained large audiences (as a samba dancer) at mainstream events which were regularly organised by two established Brazilian bands (Banda Ciclone and Swing Brazil). During this period of time I was fortunate enough to have gained valuable experiences… I learnt how to dance in front of crowds under pressure and with the weight of expectations on my shoulders.

2002 – Present Day

In 2002 I was given introductory belly dance lessons in England and found myself falling in love with the art. I’m now an established belly dancer in the UK and I teach and perform for a living. For the past few years I’ve been performing at prestigious restaurants, casinos, weddings, birthday parties and theatres at home and abroad. I’ve been on a fantastic journey so far, and performing in front of amazing guests is always a real privilege.

Dancers and artists who have motivated and inspired me :

Serena, Hossam Ramzy, Shahar Badri, Vanessa Da Silva, Soraya Zayed, Jameelah Mansour, Randa Kamel, Tito, Mahmoud Reda and Nour.