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My dancing career first kicked off in Brazil in 1998 and there I specialised in samba. In 2002 I received an introductory course in belly dance and simply fell in love with the art. I now provide belly dance entertainment worldwide and have performed for royal families, celebrities and multi-national corporations.



I can belly dance in many different ways, using a variety of styles and techniques. Previously, I've featured in music videos, theatre shows and advertisements. When I'm not performing in front of audiences, I teach belly dance to groups and individuals. You can find out more about my services by clicking on the link below.


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Hire A Belly Dancer (History)

Hire A Belly Dancer has been online since 2007. This site regularly receives visitors via Youtube and Facebook. Giselle's Youtube channel has now received roughly 1.8 million views and is accessed by over 3,600 subscribers; in contrast her Facebook page has managed to attract over 20,500 followers.

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